Vet Services

Vet services in Medicine Hat provided for your dogs and cats at Ridge Veterinary Hospital

1. Dentistry (Foundation for Animal Dentistry)

2. Skin conditions and allergies (Member of Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology)

3. Cancer surgery and medicine (In Association with WCVM Oncologists)

4. Eye surgery and diseases (In Association with WCVM Ophthalmologists)

5. Bone and soft tissue surgery (In Association with WVSC, CARE, WCVM Board Certified Surgeons)

6. Nutrition (Full line of pet food and treats in addition to prescription diets by Hill’s, PVD and Medi-Cal RC)

7. Behavior counseling with environment enrichment and selective prescriptions

8. Spay and neuter for dog, puppies, cat or kittens (following Humane Alliance guidelines)

9. Owner attended surgery and procedures under our open door policy

10. Prescription services including in-house dispensing, written and online

11. Special order products for all your custom pet care needs

12. Private ICU and Biosecure units

13. Full disease prevention services including long acting community outreach vaccinations and parasite control products for lice, fleas, worms, ticks and tapeworms

14. Digital diagnostic imaging featuring both large film and dental xrays. We also utilize reference hospital MRI, CT Scan and Cardiac Ultrasound

15. 24hr emergency vet support via email chat

16. Full clinical pathology services utilizing in-house and reference labs

17. Special needs for skunk odor, snake bite, porcupine quills, allergy reactions

18. House call services

19. Owner attended euthanasia.